Saturday, October 13, 2007

Server NT Vs Server 2000

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This articles give the compare and contrast chart of features between server NT and server 2000. The following points in each category makes comparison respectively.


  1. SAM(Security account manager) database for user acc creations
  2. No AD
  3. PDC, BDC(has no write permission) env
  4. No fsmo roles
  5. Dhcp works independently
  7. No IE 4.0 and IE 5.0
  8. No NLB and Clustering
  9. No predictable end to end ,QOS
  10. No IAS,RADIUS,Kerberos V5
  11. No EFS
  12. No development support
  13. No terminal services
  14. No IIS 5.0 ,ASP
  15. No IPP(Internet printing protocol)
  16. No disk quota,DFS,etc

SERVER 2000 :

  1. No SAM Database, inspite AD is used
  2. AD Env (adv features integrates features like ease mgmt,centralized replication,etc)
  3. PDC,ADC environment
  4. Fsmo(flexible single master operation role) for replication b/w DC
  5. Dhcp works paralelly with dns and AD
  6. ICS,NAT,VPN,RRAS,ATM are added features
  7. IE 4.0 and IE 5.0 supports Http compression
  8. Supports NLB(network load balancing) and Clustering
  9. Has predictable end to end ,QOS(quality of services)
  10. Has improved authentication strategy like IAS,RADIUS,Kerberos V5
  11. Support EFS(Encryption file system)
  12. Has development support (VB 6.0)
  13. Has terminal services
  14. IIS 5.0, ASP are present
  15. IPP(Internet printing protocol) are present
  16. Disk quota mgmt,DFS are available


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