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IMF - Intelligent Message Filter

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This articles explains the functions, working and configuration of IMF in windows exchange mail environment.

Microsoft Exchange Intelligent Message Filter is a product developed by Microsoft to help companies reduce the amount of unsolicited commercial e-mail (UCE), or spam, received by users.

Intelligent Message Filter is based on Microsoft SmartScreen Technology from Microsoft Research. By using e-mail characteristics tracked by SmartScreen technology, Intelligent Message Filter can help determine whether each incoming e-mail message is likely to be spam. Based on this likelihood, you can choose to block e-mail messages at the gateway or at the mailbox store.

IMF is one of the new feature available in exchange 2003 when compared with exchange 2000.

In Exchange Server 2003 with SP2:
It is an integral part of the SP2 pack. IMF is located in the path Exchange System Manager --> Global settings --> message delivery --> properties.

In Exchange Server 2003 with SP1:
It is also an integral part of the SP1 pack. But, IMF is located in the path System Manager --> Administrative groups --> First administrative group --> servers --> active servername --> Protocols --> SMTP --> Intelligent Message Filtering --> properties.

In Exchange Server 2003 without SP1/SP2:
  1. Download ExchangeIMF.msi file from the microsoft site.
  2. Accept the License Agreement, and in the screen, select to install both the Management Tools for IMF and the IMF Functionality.
  3. Click Finish.
  4. Restart the services SMTP, NNTP, Exchange POP3, Exchange IMAP, Exchange Routing engine and FTP publishing services.
Configuring IMF:

Configuring Intelligent Message Filter involves two settings:

1. Gateway Blocking Configuration - In Gateway Blocking Configuration, you establish a threshold based on a spam confidence level (SCL) rating above which the gateway server takes action on the message. You also define the type of action you want the gateway to take.

2. Store Junk E-mail Configuration - In Store Junk E-mail Configuration, you define the thresholds based on an SCL rating that Microsoft Exchange 2003 mailbox stores use to determine whether to deliver messages to a user's Inbox or Junk E-mail folder.



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