Friday, August 3, 2007

Feature comparison - Exch2000 vs Exch2003

This article explain the comparison of features b/w exchange server 2000 and 2003.The difference between the 2000 and 2003 are much lesser when compare with the prior exchange 5.5.The functional environment of exchange 2000 and 2003 are same,but the exchange 5.5 works only in the NT platform,not dependent on active directory,depends on SAM Database.
Anti-Spam IMF Features:
First IMF(Intelligent Message Filter) is the new antispam infrastructure feature added with the exchange server 2003.Exchange server 2000 does not have any antispam solution as an add on.
This enables us to have control of Spam mails by setting the SCL(Spam Confidence Level).
Active directory Schema changes:
Class and attributes are collectively called as Schema.Since active directory is closely integrated with the exchange server 2000 and 2003,there are some updates/modification in schema values.In exchange 2003,there are some new addition of some class like OMA(Outlook Mobile Access),Smtp-connector-turf list(IP block),etc and also some attributes in encryption of anonymous user,address list OU attribute,etc. obviously apart from the above changes,a lots of modification/extension in schema classes and attributes in exchange 2003.
WMI Changes:
WMI(Windows management instrumentation) class for exchange server 2003 has many new updates /changes when compared with the exchange 2000.WMI class facilitates in managing exchange queues,mailbox,public folder and so on. For example the folder-tree structure in the exchange with the respective properties is one of the new WMI class in exchange 2003.
CDOEXM Changes:
Collaboration Data Objects for Exchange management is the component through which we will be able to access the exchange server.CDOEXM comes with same name for both exchange server 2000 and 2003,but CDOEXM of exchange 2000 cannot be used to access the exchange 2003.
Feature dropped in exchange 20003:
Although we have some new addition and changes, Microsoft do have dropped some features from the exchange 2000 for enriching the product.Features like drive M mapping,Frontpage server extension,exchange IM services,savesentitems field and versioning schema property has been removed.

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