Thursday, August 16, 2007

Exchange server Tools:

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This articles explains the importance of add-on components and useful tools for exchange server 2003.To facilitate the functioning of exchange server 2003,there are some additional components available which makes the exchange administrator's life easy.

Exmerge tool:
Exmerge tool is the tool available for brick level backup strategy.Since the users mailbox are stored in the mailbox stores.So both backup and restore can be operated in the mailbox store level only,we cannot back up/restore an individual mailbox from the exchange server. In case of recovering particular user mailbox, exmerge play an important role in such case. It's a tool through which we able to import and export single or multiple users mailbox from different stores. Download exmerge.exe from

ExBPA tool:
ExBPA(Exmerge Best Practices Analyzer) is a Microsoft built tool used for analyzing the exchange server in terms of checking the AD and metadata status and which in turn helps in better uptime and performance. It is a kind of program which gets the details from the server and then the 'best practice' rules are applied to the server topology.It is similar to the MBSA (Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer) tool.It can also be downloaded from the above url.

Exchange Server MSSearch administration tool:
The Exchange Server MSSearch Administration tool can be used to determine which Exchange Stores in the domain have Full-Text Indexes, provide status on indexes, and provide administration tasks all via the command line.Its just an additional information console with exchange system manager works with Indexes the most.It can also be downloaded from the same Microsoft download site.

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