Saturday, July 3, 2010

SCOM 2007 Deployment

SCOM – System Center Operation Manager 2007 which is the successor of the MOM – Microsoft Operation Manager 2005, which is used for monitoring the Server, clients in the windows active directory environment. SCOM 2007 can be used for monitoring not only server and clients in the active directory which also includes network devices and other application like Exchange, SQL, ISA, etc. by the means of corresponding available Management Packs shortly called as MP. Deployment of SCOM 2007 is quote an easy task, this article focus on this.

• Selecting the OS either 2003 or 2008.
• Selection of 32 bit or 64 bit processor (it is important that if you choose the 64 bit and the reliable database package like SQL 2005 must be in 64 bit due to the factor operational database compatibility).
• Operational installation account in AD e.g., ScomAdmin (make password never expires) and related permissions.
• Check the forest and domain functional levels.

2.Pre requisite:
Since the installation first page has the prerequisite option, on clicking that will give you the availability status. Still, the below are the items which needs to be installed before deploying SCOM 2007.

• IIS 6.0 and above (IIS 7.0 needs to select some additional features like iis 6.0 compatibility, basic authentication and few. So better side can select all the features and install )
• SQL 2005 SP2 and above (SQL 2005 SP1 or express version does work for SCOM 2007) and use the ScomAdmin account during the installation of the default instance of SQL.
• Dot Net framework 2.0 with SP2 and above (Dot net framework 3 is better)
• ASP.NET 2.0 and ASP.NET AJAX Extension 1.0
• Using the tool MOMADAdmin.exe tool create a container for operation manager in AD

MOMAdAdmin.exe {Management Group Name} {Ops Mgr admin Group} {Ops Mgr account} {Domain name}


MOMADAdmin.exe OpsMgr ScomAdminGroup ScomAdmin

Login with the SCOM admin account (SCOM operational account that we created in the AD and also we used the same account during the installation of the SQL as well)

• Select Install operation manager 2007 to start the wizard
• Accept the end license and enter the license key.
• Installation type – choose custom type and select all the components, make sure all components and sun components are selected for installing on the local disk drive.
• Management Group Name : Enter “OpsMgr” (something meaningful and which cannot be changed later)
• User account selection: select ScomAdmin from the AD.
• Database Instance and port (1433) – leave the default values.
• Database and log file option – leave the default values
• Select the Data file and log file location.
• Management Server Action Account: accept the default domain or local account.
• Enter the SDK and Config Service account either domain or local account.(Can use ScomAdmin also)
• On the web console, choose the Windows Authentication
• Microsoft Error reporting option, choose ‘No’ option.
• Customer experience improvement program option.
• Click Install option to start the installation.
• On the end, it will ask for the Encryption key for Backup and restore option (optional).



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