Saturday, July 10, 2010

Backup and Recovery

This article gives information about backing up the Blackberry data and also restoration. As we know the BES and exchange are tightly integrated, the real email data’s are stored in the email servers only. In BES server level, the following needs to be backed up
* BES Database of SQL 2005 i.e., BESMgmt Database
* BES User details and Configuration details.

1. BES Database Backup and Restore:
For Blackberry, as we know the database is hosted in the SQL Server. Henceforth can make use of the backup and restore option in the SQL Server itself.
Open the backup console from the SQL 2005 studio express console,
• Go to the concern Database in the console -- right click and select Task -- Backup
• Enter the backup file name and location in the general window.
• Select the options for media writing as required to complete the backup in the option window.
For the restoration same process, select the restore option from the console.
• Select the destination of the latest backup file in the General window.
• Select the appropriate write option to complete the restoration in the option window.

2. Blackberry User Information Backup and restore
The BB user details and Configuration details can be backed up by using the built-in tool called BlackberryBackup.exe. The below is the location of the file,
C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Enterprise Server\Utility
Note : Here C:\ is the source installed drive.
### To take the backup of the user information
BlackBerryBackup.exe -b -o C:\BB_Bkp\bb_user.txt -n dxb-bbs-01
### To take the backup of the BES configuration information
BlackBerryBackup.exe -r -o C:\BB_Bkp\bes_conf.txt -n dxb-bbs-01
-b –o -- Backup (-b) of BB user details to the output file (-o) C:\BB_Bkp\bb_user.txt
-n -- Blackberry servername
-r –o -- Backup (-r) of BB configuration details to the output file (-o) C:\BB_Bkp\bb_conf.txt
### To restore the user information from the file using the option "-i"
BlackBerryBackup.exe -b -i C:\BB_Bkp\bb_user.txt -n dxb-bbs-01
### To restore the configuration information from the file using the option "-i"
BlackBerryBackup.exe -r -i C:\BB_Bkp\bes_conf.txt -n dxb-bbs-01
-b –i -- Restore (-b) the BB user details from the input file (-i) C:\BB_Bkp\bb_user.txt
-n -- Blackberry servername
-r –i -- Restore (-r) the BB configuration details from the input file (-i) C:\BB_Bkp\bb_conf.txt


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