Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Integrating Exchange server 2007 in a Non-Windows Environment:

This article explains the basic understanding of the MIIS application and the integration feature of exchange with Non-windows email systems like UNIX, Novell, Lotus Notes and LDAP directory. In most enterprises today, each individual application or system has its own user database or directory to track who is permitted to use that resource. Each has its own definition of the user’s “identity” (for example name, title, ID numbers, roles, membership in groups). Microsoft invented a tool to facilitate the administration of these multiple repositories. The product is called Microsoft Identity Integration Server.The use of MIIS 2003 for Exchange 2007 is particularly useful because it can synchronize Information between the AD forest that contains Exchange and the other messaging systems in use within the organization.

Understanding MIIS 2003:

MIIS is a system that manages and coordinates identity information from multiple data sources in an organization, enabling you to combine that information into a single logical view that represents all of the identity information for a given user or resource. MIIS enables a company to synchronize identity information across a wide variety of heterogeneous directory and non-directory identity stores. This enables customers to automate the process of updating identity information across heterogeneous platforms while maintaining the integrity and ownership of that data across the enterprise. Password management capabilities enable end users or help desk staff to easily reset passwords across multiple systems from one easy-to-use web interface. End users and help desk staff no longer have to use multiple tools to change their passwords across multiple systems.

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