Thursday, June 12, 2008

Directory Hierarchy in Solaris:

This articles the directory hierarchy structure in the Solaris file systems. Just like other OS, Solaris organized into directories and directories organized into a hierarchy called a directory tree. The understanding of the directories in Solaris file system is more important.

1./bin - symbolic link to the /usr/bin directory.

2./dev – Contains logical devices names for the devices.

3./device – device related files controlled by the file system: devfs.

4./lib – Contains shared libraries such as SMF executables.

5./etc – administrative and configuration files.

6./export – Commonly used to hold user home directories.(you can define as per your wish)

7./home – Default mount point for user home directories.

8./mnt – Default mount point used to temporarily mount file systems.

9./sbin – Contains system administration command s and utilities.

10./tmp – Contains temporary files that are deleted when the system is rebooted.

11./usr – UNIX system resources, Holds OS commands and programs.


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