Saturday, September 29, 2007

Setting up Grub Password

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Nowadays, I get less time for writing a blog. So I try to write some article at frequent intervals. This article explains about setting up the grub password. Initially the users can able to change the root user password by entering in the single user mode. This can result in changing the root password as granted. The following gives you the step by step procedure for setting up the password for entering into the single mode or fiddling into the command boot option.

Setting up GRUB password:
Login as root

Enter grub mode:
# grub
Use md5crypt to encrypt password:
grub> md5crypt
Password: ******
Encrypted: $1$jxcdN0$hVHViq1aiPf8FziuGJGZp0

Copy down encrypted password:

Exit grub mode:
grub> quit

Modify file /etc/grub.conf:
Insert encrypted password in between "splashimage..." and "title..."
password --md5 $1$jxcdN0$hVHViq1aiPf8FziuGJGZp0
title BIZ DESK (2.4.20-8elx)
Save edited file

Boom!!!!! , now if you try to enter into the command single user mode, it will ask for the password by the switch “p”.


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